Before starting at Pavilion, the team went through a "Brand refresh" in an effort to update their look and feel across all platforms. Upon starting, I realized we still lacked clear definition of our brand voice, guidelines, and documentation around meanings for our creative. In the first few months, I worked to clean up the new logo direction, providing meaning and consistency to the icon, build a sub logo system for various parts of the org, and expand on colors, typography, etc. to eventually release a robust brand guide centered around modern design practices and accessibility.  ​​​​​​​Full guide at 
Website improvements
Our website is critical to the success of our membership business. However, the original Wordpress backed site was underperforming and disorganized. On day 2, I stepped in to manage the transition from WP to HubSpot, dive into our analytics to understand pain points, and undertake an IA exercise to re-order our entire navigation. Post launch of the new site, we tracked metrics around accessibility, SEO, and "Join Now" (application) click rates / completion rates to find we had improved our Google Health score from 16 to 90, increased website traffic by nearly 3x (over the course of the next six months), and increased application rates by almost 4x. 

Shortly after launch, we re-worked the entire application flow in an order to streamline the process. We learned that completion rates post launch of the new flow actually went up by 20% which lead to an increase in overall ARR.
Events play a major role in the overall membership experience at Pavilion. We host over 200 events each year, providing in person networking and learning opportunities to thousands across the world. Over the past year, we have formalized the specific events, tracked CTA metrics, and gathered post event feedback to optimize how the creative team helps support this key sector of the business. 
Member hub
In six weeks time, a team comprised of every department utilized a membership software to build an internal member hub where we could pull all resources and features into one location. This effort came with a ton of creative needs, UX research, and testing. We successfully launched the member hub in Beta, ran user testing to understand user patterns, modified the navigation and brand accordingly, and have seen significant improvement to our NPS metrics from members who have activated their accounts. Additionally, we have built entire systems (templates, guides, etc.) to provide chapter heads the ability to run localized, branded campaigns in their areas. 
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